Monday, September 4, 2017

I love my Patio Furniture: Buy them on sale now!

Our family absolutely enjoys eating meals outside and spending time enjoying the nice weather. Especially now that we are living in Utah. Around this time of year we feel like we need to soak up every ray of sunshine we can before the cold weather hits. We had just moved into our house last summer and were spending so much money on furnishing indoors, beds, couches, dressers. You name it, we had to buy it. So patio furniture had to wait. But this gave me time to research and figure out what I really wanted. And the best time to buy something and get a great deal is off season. It's still going to be on the warmer side for a month or two so you can still buy your patio furniture now and get to enjoy it for a bit. And then when next spring hits you will be all set to go!
{All products posted are things I have purchased for my family or simply really like and would purchase. These are direct links to companies of which I am an affiliate in which I make a small commission should you make a purchase.)

I had my eye on this table from Pottery Barn. I love it because you can keep it small to seat 6 people, or extend it to seat up to 10. After purchasing my table and using it I also saw how super easy the leaf slides in and out making it no hassle to change the configuration of the table. This table also has a matching table cover you can purchase separately to safely store it through the fall and winter months. This table is about $400 off for Labor Day but I have seen it go on sale over and over again. If you miss this sale keep checking back. 
And how cute is this little pineapple pot! I actually use it to put utensils in. I also bought the watermelon pot to put napkins in but it's on back order. 
I did not buy the matching chairs to this table because they are so pricey. (I would love them although they didn't fit in our budget.) However the PB chairs are on sale right now for $125 off of $312! That is a huge discount. Still out of my budget though since I want to purchase 10 chairs. 
I came across these metal chairs from Target. I love the simple lines and modern look. I also love that they stack for easy storage. And look at how cute these fun pillows you are you can purchase separately. 
These chairs come in 6 colors and I went with the blue. I love the pop of color with the black and white pillows.  The chairs are $55 each, but if you buy them in sets of 4 they are only 10% off. Also, there is a Labor Day code for 15% off on top of that. Wahoo! So that brings the chairs down too about $43 each. I can basically buy 4 chairs for less than the price of 1 Pottery Barn chair. 
I need 10 chairs for my table so I bought 3 sets for my table giving me 12 chairs. I put the 2 extra chairs out in front of my house with a little side table. And now, if I ever need a couple of extra chairs I can always go grab those. But it gives us a nice little sitting area when we are waiting out front for car pool rides or friends and family to arrive. Or a nice shaded spot for me to supervise when my kiddos are out front doing a lemonade stand. 
My whole family loves how it all turned out. It looks modern, fresh, inviting and it's all super comfortable.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Back To School: Shopping For Boys

Brandon is starting his 2nd year of preschool. He's also going every day for the first time and he is so excited about that. He seems to be a bit bored while big sister Sophie is at school and I think he wants so badly to keep up with her. Brand is excited to make new friends, see his favorite friends again, and get on track for learning to read. 
 This little guy loves super heroes, especially batman and transformers. So when he saw this shirt and backpack he just had to have them. Lucky for both of us, they are super cool and cute and not at all cheesy. It's a win win for this mama who dislikes gimmicky clothes and for my little guy who kind of does. Ha! 
This little guy can't hold back his excitement! I'm really having a hard time letting him go to school everyday... let's be honest. I am going to miss him so much! But I know he will be so happy getting extra time to socialize, play and learn. 
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{All products posted are things I have purchased for my kids or simply really like and would purchase. These are direct links to companies of which I am an affiliate in which I make a small commission should you make a purchase.)
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