Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Board Shorts Banner Tutorial & Printable

For the Surf's Up baby shower, I made this board shorts banner and thought it was the perfect way to expand on the beach theme and incorporate some "boy" into the decorations. 
Here it is in action. I wish I had gotten a better picture of it! But I made this mini version of it just for this tutorial. 
Just click on the picture below to  download the banner. 
Here is how to assemble...
Print and cut out the shorts...as many as you need for as long as you want to make it. My idea was to tie these together so that they look like they have drawstring ties, like most board shorts have.
 Punch two holes in the  top middle about 1/2 an inch apart. 
 I used twine to tie these together, but you can use any kind of ribbon etc. Cut 1 piece of twine for each pair of shorts you have. I cut mine about 8 inches so that they would be pretty close together. To start off you will need 2 pieces of the twine you cut out. 
 Put 1 piece through a hole, from the back through to the front, then another piece of twine through the other hole and then tie together like you would tie your shoe to get a little bow. You may have to trim the ends a little to get the bow length right. 
 Then take a the twine from that pair of shorts and put it through the hole of the next pair of shorts. Grab another string and put through the second hole, tie together, and so on until your banner is the length you desire. 
 Then for the ends of the banner, tie an extra long piece to tie your last bow on each side. You want the end pieces of twine to be longer so that you can use them to hang up the banner. 
 That's it!

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