Monday, July 28, 2014

Surf Board Prop: How to...

Making these surf board props was so easy and so fun! The best part is you can pretty much make any shape you want. Or make them as big or small as you want. 
  • What you'll need
    •  A big 4ft x 8ft sheet of wood - cut into 4 equal pieces, each 2ft x 4ft
    • Paint samples in the colors you want to use. 
    • a poster board (to make a stencil)
    • painters Tape
    • paint brush
    • a painting mat
    • a Jigsaw

First we went to Home Depot and picked up a big sheet of wood. We found an inexpensive one that was already painted white so I figured I'd save myself a step and go with it. (You could otherwise get regular wood and paint it with white primer later on when it's painting time!) We had them cut it down for us into 4 equal pieces. 
We got a poster board and just sketched out a a surfboard shape of 1 side of the surfboard. It's hard to sketch out each side exactly the same. So if you just make the stencil of one side of the surf board and use it to trace both sides of the surf board onto the wood it will come out even. You are going to paint over it so it's not a big deal to have pencil marks and sketching on your boards. 
Trace 4 surf boards on the wood in this manner and they should all turn out exactly the same. 
Then you take the good ol' jig saw and cut them all out. Try your best to follow the line you drew! 
My sister-in-law is a wiz with a jig-saw. Thaks for your help Lisa! 
Then tape the pattern you want to make on your boards. I just went with some simple stripes. This is the part where you can get a little creative! Paint away!
If you didn't get pre-painted wood. You would need to paint it with white primer first and let it dry.  Then tape it up and paint it. 
Remove the tape and let dry! And you are done! 

The orange surf board got a little nicked. This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't skipped the primer step. So if you want them to last longer, I would go with painting them with primer first! But I just took some of my extra paint and touched it up and it was no biggie! 
To see more pictures of the party where these babies were on display go here

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