Thursday, August 28, 2014

Anthro Tassel Pillow Knock-Off: Tutorial!

There a 3 things that I would consider a weakness when it comes to shopping; Cardigans, shoes, and throw pillows. I LOVE THEM! So when I saw this tassel pillow at Anthropologie I was obsessed; But not so much with the price! But after looking at it I decided to attempt making it. It was actually pretty easy & I'm a sew straight lines type of person. So I thought I would share a quick tutorial so that you out there can make your own! It cost me about $14 to make an 18 inch square pillow! Compare that to the $68+tax pillow at Anthropologie. It was worth the effort to make...not to mention really fun! 
Step 1: Gather supplies! 
Fabric: Get a little over a yard of fabric. The Anthro pillow is a soft velvet. I happened to find some in the sale section and only paid $5 for 1/2 a yard. It needs to be big enough to cut into 2 19" squares. 
Cross stitch thread: Pick out 9 colors you want to use. I modified the colors to fit my home and style a little better. 
An 18 inch pillow to put inside of pillow case. 
Sewing machine, zipper foot (<-- optional), pins, scissors etc.

Step 2: Follow my super easy tassel tutorial and get those all ready to go! You will need 36 tassels total. {The breakdown is 9 different colors and 4 tassels of each!}

Step 3: Cut your fabric into 19" squares. Then pin your tassels at 2 inches apart on the right side of the fabric! So you should end up with 8 tassels on each side and then 1 on each corner. Pick out the order you want them in and place them the same on all four sides! They should also be about 3/4ths of an inch in! Then sew them down about 1/4 of an inch in. I went around twice to make sure they were super secure. You don't want those babies falling out when all is said and done! Remove pins. 
 Step 4: Now place your second square of fabric on top of the other face down and pin together. Do your best to make sure all of your tassels are laying flat towards the center of the pillow so they don't get sewed over! Now sew the pillow at about 1/2 of an inch in from the edge and as close to the tassels as possible. Leave about a 6 inch gap so that you can stuff in your pillow. 
Step 5: Flip it all around and see how the tassels look. Make any needed length adjustments. Some came loose and I had to pull them back in etc. When it looks right, stuff your pillow inside!
FYI: I couldn't find my zipper foot so I just did it with my regular foot and it looked fine! The tassels just hung a little more. I then decided that I wanted the tassels closer in so I ended up buying a zipper foot so that I could get this project crossed off the list. Either way works really, it just depends on the look you want! Do you want them to hang loose or be tighter on the pillow? So compare this to the last two pictures below...the tassels are a lot tighter! Also, the Anthro pillow has them sewn on tighter. 

Step 6: Stitch it shut. What's nice about this velvet fabric is that it hides the stitches really well! 
Then you are all done!!! Fluff it up and find a good place for it! 
{If you aren't big into sewing...another idea is to just buy a simple throw pillow or cushion cover and hand sew on the tassels!}

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