Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lunch Sacks: DIY Stickers

As soon as my daughter wakes up she is asking for an activity to do. Me not being a morning person doesn't help... I can't see straight yet, much less think of an activity for her to do.
But what is easier than getting some markers and crayons out and doing some coloring. Every now and then I will just hand Sophie a piece of sticker paper and let her draw and color her own stickers. After she is done "designing" her stickers she cuts them out herself and then is so proud to use them! Such a simple idea, but she loves it and thinks i'm the coolest too! Hooray!
Since school is starting I thought it would be fun to have her decorate her lunch bags this year with her own stickers while breakfast is going on and i'm getting her lunch actually made.  I even made up a template to use that has a lunch sack label and drink label. But sometimes it's fun to just give them a blank sheet and see what they come up with all by themselves. 
Our cute friends next door came over to hang out with us and joined in on the fun! And they helped make one for Brandon who was still snoozing. 
It really gets them excited to have a purpose in mind for their awesome stickers. Not to mention it's great scissor practice! 
Now your little students can go to school ready to show off their awesomely creative lunch sacks! 
Click on the pictures to download your template. Print on sticker paper. And let your kids have some sticker fun! 

You can buy sticker paper at any office supply store. It is basically a giant label and you can find it with all of the mailing and printing labels. Walmart has a great deal with a pack of 10 sheets for $4. 

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