Saturday, August 2, 2014

Silhouette Tutorial

Picture me clapping my hands right now!!! I am so excited to post this tutorial. I am going to show you how to cut out a silhouette using photoshop. This is one of my favorite things to do and it makes for great gifts! 

Step 1: open the picture you want to use. {tip: profile pictures work best!}
Step 2: unlock the background layer. To do this you can double click the layer tab and a little box should come up. To make it easy to follow along just name it layer 0. Press Ok. 
Step 3: Select Polygonal Lasso Tool from the tool bar on the left. Use it to trace the outline of the person or thing you are wanting to make a silhouette of. {tip: zoom in on the face to get more detail.} Use the space bar to move the picture around while you are zoomed in. Once you make it back full circle it will close off on it's own. If it doesn't double click. 
Step 4: Once you have selected the entire thing, grab the move tool and drag it to the side a little and a little scissors icon should appear and will cut it out. Select edit and then cut. 
Step 5: Open a new document. Press File, then New and a box will appear. The new document needs to be the same size or slightly bigger than your picture. I usually change it from pixels to inches because it's easier to understand. I made my document 16x20 inches. You can try bigger or smaller if you needed.  
Step 6: Unlock this background and name it layer 0 too. and then select paste. So you should now have an exact cut out of your image. 
Step 6: Select Layer 1 or the layer the cut out is in, select Fx, then overlay, then change the color you want your silhouette to be. And you should see your silhouette! 
You can leave it as is or add text or anything that you want. Have some fun with it! 
 You can also change the back ground by doing a cover overlay on the background layer, what we called Layer 0. You can even jazz it up with your favorite quote, your song, or other graphics and shapes. 
 Aren't these awesome!!! And so fun to make! If you don't have photoshop or you would rather get one made, you can head on over to my shop and order one! {Just go to the cutom silhouette option}

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