Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tassels Tutorial

I've been obsessed with tassels lately! So this is a quick and easy tutorial on how to make tassels... and soon I will be posting some fun projects you can make using these babies! 
You need:
Cross Stitch Thread
(or whatever type of string you want to make a tassel with)
A piece of cardstock or cardboard
Step 1: First you need to get your piece of card stock or cardboard and cut it down to the size you want your tassel to be. I wanted my tassels to be 2 inches in length so I cut my card into 2 inches. Then take your thread and wrap around the card 45 times and then cut.  It's important to wrap them all the same number of times so all the tassels you make come out even. You can wrap them more if you want them to be thicker tassels, or less if you want them to be thinner. {I discovered that with wrapping the thread I bought 45 times at 2 inches, I had enough to make 4 tassels. This was perfect for the project I was making them for. }
Step 2: Take a separate piece of thread (about 8 inches long) and wrap it under and around the top of the thread several times to hold all together securely. 
Step 3: Now slide the wound thread off of the card and cut through the opposite looped end. 
Step 4: Take another 10 inch piece of thread and wrap around the neck of the tassel at the top. Do it couple of times and knot it so it is secure. 
Step 5: Cut the end to make the tassels even.
 Viola! Now what to do with these babies....? I have some fun excuses to make these coming up soon! 

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