Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Decorative Halloween Printables: Free Download!

I'm so excited for Halloween... it's my favorite holiday! And from here on out there is so much to look forward to with the festivities of three holidays that are up ahead! 
A few years ago I made these spooky yet modern Halloween prints and have put them up around my house every year since. It makes decorating so easy! {I just switch them out with my pre-existing frames.} Then throw in some pumpkins and spooky things and done!
If you download these and put them up around your house... it would make me sooooo happy! Maybe you can tag me on instagram! {@hooraydesigns}
Just click on the image and download! 
FYI: There are two sets of prints that you can mix and match; Silhouettes and Spooky Phrases. 
The vertical prints are 4x6 and the horizontal ones are 5x7. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall Favorites & A Giveaway: Closed

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”  - Oscar Wilde... 
At least that's the explanation I give my husband! Ha ha!

I feel like we are still in summer mode here in sunny CA... but i'm excited for fall!
Plaids, florals, Lace, leopard, silver, grey, dark pink, burgundy, deep green, black & white... that sums up my fall favorites!!! But at the top of my list is navy blue! 
Take these boots for example....

I actually do have these boots and they are amazing! I just need California to get with the fall program so I can wear them more!  Feast your eyes on these darlings...
Now if only money wasn't an object!!!
Here are a few more I wouldn't mind adding to my closet as well!

It's my first Giveaway! Hooray!!!

I'm giving away...
these lovely earrings from Anthropologie...
a MAC lipstick in the color of your choice {my fav is Cream Cup! But this Heroin color looks fun!}
 and a $25 Visa gift card {for your fall fashion fund!}

This giveaway ends a week from today. So next Friday Oct. 3rd

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bailando in Graphic Tees!

Graphic tees are all over the place and I love them! You can dress them up or down and they pretty much go with everything! But I haven't found one that has said something that I felt was "me" enough to buy. I decided to take this matter into my own hands and make my own! 
I've been obsessed with Enrique Iglesias' new song Bailando. Such a fun song and I've been "bailando" my days away! So naturally the lyrics made their way into my graphic tees! The shirt pictured is just inspired by the song and says "dance with me." But I made another that says the exact lyrics from the chorus of the song as pictured below. 
{"I want to be with you, live with you, dance with you, have a crazy night with you and kiss your lips."}

I think anyone who knows me can tell you that if any music comes on, my body just instantly starts moving.... I CAN'T HELP IT! And I just hope that someone else will join in on the fun! Luckily I usually have my two kiddos in tow and they love to dance too.
 My friend Meg snapped a few quick pics in between chasing after our kids at the mall. Gracias Meg! With a shirt like this I had to throw a few twirls and leaps in there... 
Want to make your own? Do it! Do it!
I mean the sky is the limit! You can print out anything really and just iron it on!

1st: Buy a white or light colored shirt or two...or 3! (light grey, light blue, light pink will work too)
The shirt pictured above was on sale for 5 dollars at Old Navy. But you can find cute white shirts all over the place. I saw some awesome ones at Nordstrom Rack for $7 and Forever 21 for $6. I think that looser fitting shirts and v-necks work best. All of the shirts I made except for the one pictured are v-necks. {I made 5 shirts...ha ha}
2nd: I uploaded the prints I made for you to use! But you could also type up your own phrase in word and then change it to a mirror image. It has to be backwards for it to turn out right! Print it out on some Iron on Transfer sheets. I found Jolee's Easy Image Transfer Sheets at Michaels and they worked great! {And washed great too!}
3rd: Now you need to cut out the text as much as possible. Anything you don't cut out will be on your shirt. It's clear so it's not a big deal, but I tried to cut around each letter as much as possible. {Except for the Bailando lyrics and the "Shoop" Phrase because it would have been too hard to line up just right.  I just cut them into a square.} 
4th:  Make sure you follow the directions given on the transfer paper you purchase. But you basically just flatten out your shirt, place the phrase where you want it! Iron it. Then when it cools you peal off the paper. 
5th: Put that baby on and sport it around town! 

On a side note... my friend Meg also has an awesome Freezer Paper Transfer Tutorial you might want to check out! 

Download Your Prints!
These prints are shown the way they would look on your shirt. But if you click on them you can download the mirrored version and print it out! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Oh Boy: Baby Shower

My husband was in charge of a baby shower at work...which naturally got passed on to me. Ha Ha. I love that I got to take over! 
The mother-to-be was expecting a boy and so we went with a simple "Oh Boy" theme with a dapper little bow tie! 

The invitation can be found in my shop. But below are some free printable games!
 The first game we played was Present Bingo. Just have each guest fill in each square with an item they think the mother-to-be will receive. As she unwraps her gifts you mark them off. 1st to get 5 in a row wins. It's a fun way for everyone to participate in the present opening! 
The second game we did was "Baby Name That Tune". So I played a clip of 15 songs that each had the word baby in it. Guests did their best to guess them. And the person with the most right wins. Super easy...super fun! 
Here is the list of songs you could use to play. I like it because there is a good mix of old and new. You can of course substitute your own if you have better ideas! 
1. Baby, Baby - Amy Grant
2. Baby One More Time - Britney Spears
3. Hey Baby - Gwen Stefani
4. Baby Love - The Supremes
5. Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-A-Lot
6. Come On Over Baby - Christina Aguilera
7. I Got You Babe - Sonny & Cher
8. Baby - Justin Beiber
9. Baby Boy - Beyonce
10. ABC - Jackson 5 
11. All That She wants - Ace of Base
12. Baby, I Love Your Way - Peter Frampton 
13. Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
14. Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice
15. Pom Pom - Jonas Brothers


Saturday, September 13, 2014

White shoes: Make them white again!

I am obsessed with white converse! They are cute and go with everything! But they are also impossible to keep clean and don't look quite so cute when they are ugly shades of grey and brown.  I could spend another $45 to get another pair....but why not spend $2 and just clean them up. And it only takes a little bit of planning and 5 min. worth of cleaning! And I actually think it's kinda fun because it requires a little "painting." 
{Sweater: Downeast Outfitters, Jeans: Zara}

This is actually the second time I've cleaned this exact pair of shoes and they are still going strong!
How I got my shoes from this....
...to this!  
  Step 1: Fill up a bucket or tub of water with Oxi Clean and laundry detergent. {Using the scoopers that come with the detergents... I just do one big scoop of Oxi Clean and 1/2 scoop of Laundry detergent.} Take the laces out of the shoes and let the shoes and laces soak for at least 1 day but 2 is better! 
 Step 2: Throw the shoes in the wash with more detergent and hot water. {I usually just throw them in with my whites or with my towels.} Then let them sit out and dry for another day. Be sure to lift up the tongue so it can air out inside. Notice that the shoe laces look super white and the rubber it really clean! 
Step 3: Just take some white shoe polish and use it all over the shoe, on the canvas, on the rubber. Everywhere you think needs to be touched up. This can be used on leather too! With these shoes I just had to be careful not to get it on the little red stripe. But I just had a cloth handy to wipe it off right away if I did get it on the stripe. When you are done polishing let it dry for about 1 hr. 
 Lace them back up and they are set to go! 
This totally brought my shoes back to life and they are ready for another round of fun! 

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