Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy Thought

My daughter wanted to have a movie night so we pulled up Netflix to see what we could find. When I saw Hook I said that we had to watch it. It took some convincing because it wasn't the usual princess theme. But I bribed her with Tinker Bell and licorice! She ended up loving it as much as I always have! Woohoo! 
When Robin Williams passed away the entire world was sad! I couldn't believe we had just watched one of his movies! He was so inspirational and we will all miss his bright blue eyes and funny personality! But he left a great legacy that filled the world with laughter and happiness! He gave us all lots of happy thoughts!
I made a print for my sons room with my favorite quote from the movie Hook.  I thought I would share them with you all out there! The quote actually goes... "Do you know what my happy thought was?... It was you!" I changed it a bit so it was more simple and direct. 
{Just click on the print and download it!}
This is another great quote from the movie! 

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