Saturday, September 13, 2014

White shoes: Make them white again!

I am obsessed with white converse! They are cute and go with everything! But they are also impossible to keep clean and don't look quite so cute when they are ugly shades of grey and brown.  I could spend another $45 to get another pair....but why not spend $2 and just clean them up. And it only takes a little bit of planning and 5 min. worth of cleaning! And I actually think it's kinda fun because it requires a little "painting." 
{Sweater: Downeast Outfitters, Jeans: Zara}

This is actually the second time I've cleaned this exact pair of shoes and they are still going strong!
How I got my shoes from this.... this!  
  Step 1: Fill up a bucket or tub of water with Oxi Clean and laundry detergent. {Using the scoopers that come with the detergents... I just do one big scoop of Oxi Clean and 1/2 scoop of Laundry detergent.} Take the laces out of the shoes and let the shoes and laces soak for at least 1 day but 2 is better! 
 Step 2: Throw the shoes in the wash with more detergent and hot water. {I usually just throw them in with my whites or with my towels.} Then let them sit out and dry for another day. Be sure to lift up the tongue so it can air out inside. Notice that the shoe laces look super white and the rubber it really clean! 
Step 3: Just take some white shoe polish and use it all over the shoe, on the canvas, on the rubber. Everywhere you think needs to be touched up. This can be used on leather too! With these shoes I just had to be careful not to get it on the little red stripe. But I just had a cloth handy to wipe it off right away if I did get it on the stripe. When you are done polishing let it dry for about 1 hr. 
 Lace them back up and they are set to go! 
This totally brought my shoes back to life and they are ready for another round of fun! 

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