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Pinocchio & the Blue Fairy: & Pinocchio Costume Tutorial

Pinocchio and the Blue Fairy! Talk about the perfect costume idea for my littles! 
{For those of you who don't know, because several people have asked, the blue fairy is the one who turned Pinocchio into a live puppet and later into a real boy.}
Sophie was so excited and more than ready to play her part when I showed her this dress! And she already had fairy wings and a magic wand. I also whipped up a headband for her with some ribbon and elastic. Besides that, I can't take much credit for her costume. 
But brandon's Pinocchio costume on the other hand, I whipped up from scratch. And it was pretty simple!
I thought I would share with you the how-to. But be aware that I am a self taught sewer and may or may not do it "right". But what I tell you worked for me! {Wink!} 
Also, remember that this is just for Halloween and it's a perfect opportunity to make something you don't have to take so seriously, to make mistakes, and to learn from the experience! It doesn't have to turn out perfect! 
Overalls: You need about 1/2 yd. or more of red fabric, 1 yd. of embroidered trim, 2 large red or yellow buttons. 
{As far as red fabric, it depends on the size of pants you are planning on making. I recommend taking a pair of your child's shorts with you to the fabric store to measure out how much you need. I only needed 1/2 yard.}
1. Take your red fabric and turn it inside out and double it. Then fold in half again so you end up with 4 layers. Take a pair of your child's shorts and fold in half and place them against the folded edge. Trace 1 inch away from shorts and cut out. Also, don't cut out the top, just follow the line up as illustrated in the picture. You will need this fabric to make the shorts come up over the belly for the overalls. It's helpful to pin your fabric together to hold all of the layers in place. After you cut, you should end up with 2 equal pieces.
2. Take your two pieces and line them up, insides out, and pin the curved edges together and sew. 
3. Open up the  pants and now pin and sew the crotch. 
4. Now trace a semi-circle at the top of the pants and cut out. {I used a paper plate}Then trace a small semi-circle on the sides of the pants and cut out. {I used a paper cup.} Now hem all the raw edges; namely, the top circles you just cut out and the pant legs. 
5. Time to make the straps. Put the pants on your child and measure from the hip bone to the lower back. Cut out a strip of fabric that is 4 inches wide by the measurement you just took. Take your strip and hem the ends. Now fold the strip in half and crease. Open up, and fold each side in toward the middle crease. Then fold in half again so that you have a 1 inch strip. Sew along the entire open edge. Do this 2 times so that you have 2 straps. 
6. Attach both the straps to the front of the pants so that they over lap on the front. I just hand stitched them on. Then criss-cross the straps and attach them to the back and overlap them onto the inside. If you have buttons, you can sew them onto the front straps. 
Check the red overalls off the list!  

Shirt: You need a yellow shirt or onesie. 1/4 yard of white cotton or knit fabric, 1/8 yard of blue stretchy fabric. 
1. If you can't find a yellow shirt, just get a white one and dye it yellow with clothing dye. I used a white onesie and dyed it was super easy and looked great! 
2. Take your white fabric, which is already doubled, and fold in half. Measure the diameter of the neck of the shirt and cut that in half to get the radius. On a piece of paper, trace out a candy cane shape using the radius as a guide for the inside part of the candy cane. Place the stencil you just made with the end of the candy cane on the folded edge. Cut out and open up. You should now have 4 candy cane shapes that are attached at the ends to make 2 collars. 
3. Pin the collars together inside out. Pin and sew the outside edge only. Flip it around to the right sides and iron it flat. 
4. Turn your shirt inside out. Pin the inside of the collar to the neck of the shirt and sew. Flip shirt around and straighten out collar. 
5. Time to make the bow tie. You are basically making what is called a cheer bow. You could simply use a thick blue ribbon if you wanted to. But I think the fabric way looks better. Take your fabric and cut it into a 4 inch by 14 inch strip. Fold it in half inside out. Cut the ends in a slant as shown in the picture and sew leaving a gap in the middle somewhere to flip it right side out. Flip it right side out. Now place the ribbon as shown in the picture. With a needle and thread gather the bow at the middle by wrapping thread several times and knotting it. Take 2 inch by 6 inch piece of fabric and fold it in half inside out. Sew it and flip it around. Now use this to wrap around the middle and hand stitch it together. 
6. Now hand sew the Bow tie onto the shirt right inbetween where the collar meets up. 
Phew...the shirt is now done! 
Vest: You will need 1/3 of a yard of fabric. 2 or more yards of white trim.
1. Measure your around your child for the circumference of their chest and back. This is the length of your vest. Now measure your child from the neck to their mid back. Now make sure your fabric is inside out and doubled. Cut your fabric according to those measurements. 
2. Cut the corners by rounding them out. I used a paper plate to help me get them even. Also cut out a scoop out of the top for the neck area. 
3. Sew the two pieces together and leave a gap so that you can flip it right sides out. 
4. Flip it right sides out and Sew the glap shut. Now sew the trim on all around the vest. 
5. Measure the widest part of the back. Use that measurement as a guide to know where to cut out the arm holes. The arm holes should start where the measurement ends. I just used the same paper cup to make perfect matching circles. You want the holes to be loose and big so it doesn't really matter the size too much. Now sew with a zigzag around the holes to finish them. Or if you have a serger, even better! Use black thread! I just drew the picture with yellow so that you could see it. But You don't want it to stand out like in the picture!
Three down, 1 more to go! 
 Hat: You need 1/4 yard of yellow felt, Blue ribbon, red feather.
1. Take your felt and fold it in half. Draw out the shape shown in the picture. Cut it out and be sure not to cut the fold! 
2. Sew the two straight edges shut. Now flip it out the the seams are on the inside. 
3. Fold over the back bottom part at a bit of an angle so that it doesn't fold in the front. 
4. Glue on the blue ribbon and your feather. 
5. Optional: I put an elastic on it so that it would stay on my little one's head better. 
Ta Da! Now your costume is complete!
Now just find some brown shoes for your little one to run around in! I found Brandon's at Carter's for really cheap and they came with the red shoe laces, which match perfectly. 
Happy Costume making... and Halloween! 

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