Thursday, November 6, 2014

Holiday Family Album

I had this idea years ago to do a Holiday Family Album. We set it out on our coffee table for anyone to flip through when they are over. It's become one of our favorite traditions! 
We have an album for...
Halloween; to show off our costumes each year. 
Christmas; to display our family Christmas cards. 
Kid's Birthdays; filled with baby pictures and I plan on adding a birthday or school picture every year.
Wedding Album; to set out on our anniversary. I think it would be fun to add pictures of PJ & I each year to show how we grow old together. 

 I thought I'd share our Halloween Album so far...
2007: Sailors
We were still dating. 
2008: Magician & The Rabbit he pulled out of his hat.
1st year married
2009: Mario & Princess Peach 
2 Months Pregnant with Sophie
2010: We threw these together last minute... Farmer, Witch, Mouse 
Sophie's 1st Halloween

2011: Circus - PJ was the ring leader, I was the acrobat, and Sophie was the cutest elephant! 
Elephants were her favorite! 
2012: Flintstones
I was prego with Brandon 
2013: Batman, Catwoman, Mickey  & Minnie
Brandon's 1st Halloween
20014: Maverick from Top Gun, Barbie, Pinnochio & the Blue Fairy

 My kids love flipping through the albums the most! 
But I love the birthday albums the best and flipping through the albums to remember how tiny my babies once were.

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