Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pretty: Dress-Up Wardrobe

My SIL, Lisa Draper, made Sophie the most awesome dress-up wardrobe for her birthday. It was the perfect gift in every way possible! It has a mirror on one side, knobs to hang necklaces, a storage box at the bottom, and gold polka dots. She thought of everything!
I want to do a quick shout out to Lisa and say.... "Liiiiisssaaaaaa.... you are aaaaamazing!" 
Lisa uses her talents to bless the lives of those around her! 
She is mathematically skilled and uses this talent often to do carpentry and other DIY projects. Lisa has a mind very different from mine and I am grateful she shares her talents with my family and with others! 
I had so much fun making up the gold letters to place above! 
Cardboard letters and gold spray paint = Pretty!
We were finally able to get all of the play clothes and accessories organized. This wardrobe puts the fun in functional. Ha ha... cheesy...but true! And most importantly, Sophie loves it! 
Thanks Aunt Lisa!

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