Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Giveaway & Awesome Gift Ideas

It's time for an Christmas giveaway!
But first, here are some stocking stuffers and toys that we either already have and love or wouldn't mind finding under the tree come Christmas Day.

Stocking Stuffers... {Click on each picture to find out where to buy it.}
Favorite Toys... {We have and love the first 9 toys pictured.}
Now for the Christmas Giveaway....
These 4 toys are some of our favorites! Santa brought them to our house last year and our kids have loved them. Us big kids have loved playing along with them! 
This giveaway ends this friday night, Dec 12th,  at midnight. 4 different readers who enter will each get 1 toy pictured. 
 {The cape comes in a pink version if you want to switch that out!}

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