Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Watercolor Wooden Christmas Trees: How-to

I bought this thin sheet of birchwood and cut out some trees with the intention of making an advent calendar for my kids. I never got around to it and I hated for my little trees to go to waste. They were the perfect size to be gift tags, so I decided to add a little color to them. 
What you'll need:
A strip of thin birchwood: You can find this at the craft store or hardware store
Twine or Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun
Measure out 1 tree and cut it out. Use this tree as a stencil and just trace it all the way across your wood. Cut them all out. 
Pick a color and mix it well with water so that it is light and diluted. You don't want the paint to be too thick or dry. Make a few brush strokes in one direction. Or make a few spiratic strokes. 
Pick a second color and make some strokes in the opposite direction, and try to fill in unpainted parts while overlapping. Try to do this quickly before it dries so that the colors blend together a bit. 
Leave some of the wood unpainted so that it maintains that rustic feel. Paint all of your trees in this way. 
Take some twin and hot glue a loop onto the back so that you can hang it onto your gift. (These would also be awesome ornaments if you wanted to use them for that instead.) 
It may take you a few tries to get the hang of it, You could always practice on some paper first. But try lots of different colors and have some fun with it!
 Such a fun little craft to add a special touch to your gifts!

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