Friday, January 30, 2015

Candy Balloon Animal Cupcake Topper: How-To!

How cute are these little balloon animal cupcake toppers?!!! They were the perfect little detail for this balloon animal birthday party we had for my little 2 year old. And here is the how-to!
What you'll need...
Mike & Ike's Candies
 Take 6 Candies and cut them at a slant about 2/3 in. Then take those same six candies and also cut the bottom corner off. 
Take two of them and hold over a candle to melt it a little. {This makes it nice and sticky!} Stick them together. Hold firmly for a few seconds, when it cools it will stick well. Do this with all 6 candies! 
Now take 1 pair of stuck-together-candies, heat over candle and stick them on a whole piece of candy. This is the head. 
 Next take another whole piece and cut a small part off of the side of an end. {not the bottom!} Heat that part with the candle and stick it onto the head. You now have a body!
Now take your other 2 pairs of stuck-together-candies. Heat them and stick 1 pair under the body up front, and one in the back. 
Now cut 1 more in a slant 2/3 in. Heat it and stick it onto the back of the body. 
Tada! Now find a delicious cupcake to stick this puppy on!

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