Thursday, February 12, 2015

Feature Friday: Heidi's Heart

I want to start a new thing called Feature Friday where someone can be featured for their creativity in everyday life. Because of Valentine's day tomorrow... I thought it fitting to talk about someone with a lot of heart!

My Friend Heidi {who I was friends with in high school and have adored ever since} is one amazing person; artsy, creative, kind, strong, faithful & inspirational. She is a middle school art teacher now and I can only imagine how much her students love her! 
About 3 years ago, Heidi had open heart surgery to replace a heart valve. She shares her very real story on her blog Heidi's Heart. It's about her before surgery, during and after. How it has changed her for the better. Her blog has touched me because of her honesty and her courage. But mostly because her story is one of hope and shows how valuable life is. This is one of my favorite posts from Heidi's blog... it's poetic, captivating, and inspiring! 
Back in November I had the chance to work with Heidi in making her Bridal Shower Invitation. It was a fun little project! She wanted a Victorian Garden Tea Party. Such a great theme... all her idea!
You can find this invitation at the Hooray Shop!

Heidi got married on 12/13/14 and is now enjoying life as a newly-wed. As part of her feature, I asked Heidi if she would tell us about her unique and beautiful wedding dress.

"My mother always made my dresses for special occasions- 8th grade graduation, winter formals, my senior prom- and costumes for Halloween, dress up, you name it, she made it.  
It was no surprise that I would ask her to make the ultimate dress for WEDDING dress.  Now, I am a girl who loves fashion.  I love to be unique.  I love art and history.  Titanic is my favorite movie (random, I know, but will make sense later).  
I asked my mother if she could make my wedding dress and in typicall Heidi fashion, I told her it needed to be black.  Yes, a black wedding dress.  
Along with my cousin and my mother's friend, she and I went to Downtown LA to the garment district in July, bought the silk and lace after about four hours of walking around in circles.  About two months later, it was time to start sewing!  She sewed at my house, even when my fiance (now husband) was around.  He was so great not to look in the "great" room while she worked on the dress.  Beads and thread were found around the house leading up to the big day.  
What was really fun about the process was designing the dress together.  I had an original design which the patterns were bought for, but as we pieced and tried the dress on, the dress transformed into my dream dress.  Inspired by Victorian/1920s era fashion (and, let's be honest here, Rose's dresses from Titanic) my wedding dress became a gorgeous, one of a kind piece of artwork...that my mother and I both designed.  
I felt so beautiful on my wedding day.  And so proud to wear a dress that will become a special family heirloom someday.  I'll be able to tell our children that their grandmother made my wedding dress.  Of course there were some hectic and stressful moments in the process (zippers not working, fabric too loose or not in the right place) but we figured it out!  
I will never forget how special this time was with my mom.  As much as I loved my dress, I loved having my mom around even more.  
Be sure to check out Heidi's Heart. She took a break for her wedding. But will be posting more soon. 

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