Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Birthday Cake Candy Jar : How-To!

At the beginning of the year I was assigned to come up with a fun candy jar our primary kids at church can pick a treat from on their birthday. I headed out to the container store to see what kind of jar I could find... When I saw this round container {InterDesign Large Clarity Hat Box Translucent, 14" Diam. X 7-1/2" H} with a scalloped lid I immediately knew it was perfect because it reminded me of a birthday cake. And that is what it became! 
The kids really like it and are excited for their bday to come around for their turn to pick from the candy jar. 
 What You'll Need....
Transparent Gloss Paint in color of choice 
{I like the Martha Stewart Brand}
Sponge Brush
Puff Paint
Garbage bags or drop cloths
Something to use for a candle
Hot Glue Gun
Candy or Party Favors 
Step 1: Lay down garbage bags to protect your painting area. Also place one bag wrapping the actual container to keep it from getting stained. Place Lid on top and paint it until top and sides are well coated. {This way, you don't have to hold it or touch it at all.} Let it dry and do another coat. Let it dry again. The color gloss paint I used was a light pink that was either called Bubblegum or Cotton Candy.{I can't, remember sorry!} 
Step 2: Now take your puff paint and Decorate the lid however you want. I traced the scallops on the lid and the top rim of the lid. Then I drew on some polka dots all over the lid to look like sprinkles. 
 Step 3: Glue on your candle to the very middle of the cake. My daughter Sophie let me use one of her wooden cupcake candles. {Thanks Sophie! Mama loves you!}You of course can use more than one candle... it's your cake! But I like the simplicity of 1 and how it also works as a handle to open the container. 
 Step 4: Just fill it with treats and find a lucky birthday boy or girl to celebrate!

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