Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Colorful Bangles for a Colorful Girl!

Well hello there! 
I just have a couple of do-it-yourself bracelet ideas for you today; Really cute plastic colorful bracelets. They are easy, simple and fun. A great equation if you ask me! 
But first I wanted to introduce you to my sweet little 4 year old Sophie because it's all based on her. She is a fun-loving & creative girl who is constantly searching for something fun to make or work on. When I tell her that we are going to the craft store, she gets so excited and begs for a new craft. I wonder where she gets it from? {wink wink!} 
Two of Sophie's go-to creative activities are both bracelets she makes with beads. Here is the breakdown on each...

Bracelet 1: Perler Bead Bangle
Just make one row of beads and iron to fuse together. Voila. {Sophie usually makes the 2nd row in because it fits her wrist better than the outer row.} 
Can't get easier than that! or maybe it can... 

Bracelet #2: Easy Beads Bracelets
Have you ever heard of these "Easy Bead Bracelets?" I hadn't...until Sophie's grandma gave them to us. They are awesome! They are little plastic bangles that you simple put beads on. They are the perfect size and reusable. They work with all kinds of children's beads. They will hold the beads without falling all over the place, and then they simple snap shut. I love that I don't have to sit there picking up beads that fell off of a string or trying to get one tied and untied etc. 
I would like to add that playing with beads helps with fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, learning colors, counting and sorting skills, and learning to make patterns.  
I have so much fun crafting with you little Sophie girl! And I love your ideas! 

Here are some links to beads for this activity. 

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