Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review: Honest Sunscreen

Having fair skinned children, sunblock is a big deal at our house. We go through bottles of it come summer.
I usually lather on a high SPF sunscreen about 3-4 times while at the beach and my freckled blondie still comes home a bit pink and always gets sunburned right under her eyes. It's so sad! I try so hard to keep her well protected. I feel like I have to choose between letting her have fun or keeping her safe from the sun.
I am a fan of the Honest company. I love their shampoo and their baby wipes. When I saw that they were coming out with a sunscreen I couldn't wait to try it. I contacted the Honest Company and asked them if I could review the product and they more than obliged! 

So off to the beach we went with our Honest Sunscreen in our beach bags along with all of our other beach must-haves.
You guys...... I love it! 

Here is why...
  • It's unscented and doesn't smell like you have sunblock on.  I mean who likes to smell like sunblock...right?!!!
  • It is not greasy and applies easily. You don't have to sit there rubbing it in for a long time. 
  • Like all Honest products, It doesn't have toxic chemicals in it. I did not have to feel guilty about putting it on my kids and especially my 2 year old. 
  • And most of all.... because it worked! It really did! We were at the beach for 5 hours and only applied it twice. And neither of my kids, {especially my freckled face blondie}, came home with any kind of sun damage or pinkness.   
This sunscreen comes in a lotion tube and sunscreen stick. If I could give any recommendations to the Honest company I would ask them to come out with a spray. But the formula itself is very effective!
We also tested out the sunscreen on a sunny day at Disneyland. I only applied it once and we were good all day. Woohoo! 
We are planning on being major beach bums this summer. I look forward to not having to cut our fun short because of the sunburning issues. 
You can click on the picture to purchase or find out more about this awesome sunblock! 
The Honest Company has also come out with some really cute "fun in the sun" gear for the little ones. Just in case you want to check it out. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Tiny Blue Trees: An Easy How-To!

Colorful little pine trees were all over social media around December. Little did I know I would be dying my own bunch of trees mid March. It was for my best friends Woodland Theme Baby shower and they were the perfect little accent!
 All you need is a package of bleached trees from the craft store and clothing dye in the colors of your choice. {Or if you have any green one's all you have to do is throw them in some bleach until they fade away to white.}
 Step 1: Prepare your Area!
Start off by laying out a trash bag on the counter next to the sink and then paper towels on top. {This stuff will stain anything and everything!}

Step 2: prepare your dye.
Pour about 2 Tbsp. in 2 cups of water. The more dye you add to the water, the more potent the color will be. You may need to add more water and dye depending on the size of your trees. You want them to be submerged unless you are going for a half dyed look. {Be sure to read and follow the directions on the dye you buy.}
The longer you leave them in the dye the deeper the color will be. Above I am dipping the tree to take it out right away because I wanted it to be light blue. Below I just threw them in for minutes at a time to get a medium blue and a dark blue.
 Step 3: When the trees reach the desired color carefully place them on your paper towel. Let them hang out there for at least 12 hrs. I just left mine there overnight.

These trees were so fun and easy to make. Elsa even showed up to help me dye freeze these cute little trees.
Next Christmas I plan on making some green and red one's to go along with these blue ones to place on my mantel. Can't wait!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Feature Friday: Nicole Buckley from Kneading Home

It's Feature Friday today... and it's my new favorite thing! I love seeing others around me using their creativity in their everyday lives...it makes me giddy! And I am surrounded by, and constantly coming across, so many talented creative people!

 Meet Nicole Buckley over at Kneading Home! I just love her recipes and what she stands for! I have had the pleasure of spending time with her and just think she is so kind, happy, and laidback... probably because she is well fed and does a lot of yoga! I think we could all learn a little something from her! {wink wink!} Be sure to check out her blog www.kneadinghome.com and follow @kneadinghome on instagram too! You will not be disappointed! 
"My name's Nicole, and I am obsessed with food. I love how food connects us not only to our most basic human needs but to each other. I cook with fresh, whole, simple ingredients, and always celebrate what is in season. I eat a {mostly} plant-based, vegetarian diet, believe there is nothing more magical than fresh homemade pasta, and think chocolate cake is just as necessary as kale. All things in balance, my friends. 

Speaking of balance, when I'm not in my kitchen I teach yoga, a practice that continues to heal my body and my soul over and over again. I have a snuggly orange pup named Pumpkin and a very patient husband who both happily devour everything I make. We live in a tiny apartment, with an even tinier kitchen, in Los Angeles, CA. Kneading Home shares my story as I build a life with my little family, through, what I believe is at the heart of it all: good food."

Nicole is sharing this Orange Rosemary Shortbread Recipe that I cannot wait to try out! It looks amazing! 
Orange Rosemary Shortbread 

{Adapted from Alexandra's Kitchen}
Makes one 8 or 9 inch shortbread, 16 pieces 

2 cups all purpose flour 
2/3 cup cane sugar 
1 scant tablespoon finely chopped fresh rosemary 
1 tablespoon orange zest 
1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, cold

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees and line an 8x8 or 9x9 inch baking dish with parchment paper. Cut the butter into 1/2 inch cubes and place in the freezer while you prepare the other ingredients.
In a small prep bowl stir together sugar, rosemary and orange zest until completely combined. The sugar will become slightly moist and orange. 
Add flour and sugar mixture into a food processor fitted with a plastic blade and pulse until completely combined. Add the cold butter and pulse until the mixture begins to look like shaggy dough and the flour is completely incorporated into the butter. {See photo below.}
Press the dough firmly into the baking dish and, using a fork, poke holes completely throughout.
Bake until fragrant and golden around the edges, 35-40 minutes for a 9-inch pan, and 45-50 minutes for an 8-inch pan. 
Remove from oven, let cool completely. Even if it looks slightly undercooked in the center, the shortbread will harden up as it cools. Cut into pieces and enjoy! 
 Thanks for sharing Nicole! 

Bunny Ears Headband: How-To!

Make this simple headband to get in the Easter spirit! It's such a simple project that you and your kids will love hopping around in! 

What you'll need...
About 1/8 of a yard. 
{Any scraps you have will work fine!}
12 Gauge Floral Wire
Thin headband
pliers: optional
Aleene's No-Sew Fabric Glue: This specific one!
{Hot Glue works too!}
Step 1: Cut 1 inch wide strips of fabric.
 Step 2: Take the wire and mold an ear. Twist it at the bottom to hold it together. Extend the wire about 3 inches and make another ear. Twist at the bottom to hold that ear together. Now twist the wire at the opposite end until it breaks, or just cut with shears. 
 Step 3: Tie a knot at the bottom of 1 ear to hold it steady. Wrap the fabric around wire until fully covered. Add small dabs of glue about every other wrap. 
By the way... Aleene's No-Sew Fabric glue is my go to glue for any kind of fabric project. It's amazing! I always have it on hand and use it to make all of my fabric banners. I have tried other fabric glues and none of them work as well as this one does! It's just as good, if not better, than hot glue for this project! Especially if you don't feel like burning yourself. {But if you are anything like me, and spend way too much on crafts, there is also no reason to spend more money than necessary. If you have a hot glue gun, go with that.}
Step 4: Now line it up the ears on your headband. Wrap it all the way around making sure to wrap around the covered wire to hold it into place. Glue as you go as well! 
 When it's completely wrapped...it's done! 

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