Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review: Honest Sunscreen

Having fair skinned children, sunblock is a big deal at our house. We go through bottles of it come summer.
I usually lather on a high SPF sunscreen about 3-4 times while at the beach and my freckled blondie still comes home a bit pink and always gets sunburned right under her eyes. It's so sad! I try so hard to keep her well protected. I feel like I have to choose between letting her have fun or keeping her safe from the sun.
I am a fan of the Honest company. I love their shampoo and their baby wipes. When I saw that they were coming out with a sunscreen I couldn't wait to try it. I contacted the Honest Company and asked them if I could review the product and they more than obliged! 

So off to the beach we went with our Honest Sunscreen in our beach bags along with all of our other beach must-haves.
You guys...... I love it! 

Here is why...
  • It's unscented and doesn't smell like you have sunblock on.  I mean who likes to smell like sunblock...right?!!!
  • It is not greasy and applies easily. You don't have to sit there rubbing it in for a long time. 
  • Like all Honest products, It doesn't have toxic chemicals in it. I did not have to feel guilty about putting it on my kids and especially my 2 year old. 
  • And most of all.... because it worked! It really did! We were at the beach for 5 hours and only applied it twice. And neither of my kids, {especially my freckled face blondie}, came home with any kind of sun damage or pinkness.   
This sunscreen comes in a lotion tube and sunscreen stick. If I could give any recommendations to the Honest company I would ask them to come out with a spray. But the formula itself is very effective!
We also tested out the sunscreen on a sunny day at Disneyland. I only applied it once and we were good all day. Woohoo! 
We are planning on being major beach bums this summer. I look forward to not having to cut our fun short because of the sunburning issues. 
You can click on the picture to purchase or find out more about this awesome sunblock! 
The Honest Company has also come out with some really cute "fun in the sun" gear for the little ones. Just in case you want to check it out. 

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