Monday, April 13, 2015

Tiny Blue Trees: An Easy How-To!

Colorful little pine trees were all over social media around December. Little did I know I would be dying my own bunch of trees mid March. It was for my best friends Woodland Theme Baby shower and they were the perfect little accent!
 All you need is a package of bleached trees from the craft store and clothing dye in the colors of your choice. {Or if you have any green one's all you have to do is throw them in some bleach until they fade away to white.}
 Step 1: Prepare your Area!
Start off by laying out a trash bag on the counter next to the sink and then paper towels on top. {This stuff will stain anything and everything!}

Step 2: prepare your dye.
Pour about 2 Tbsp. in 2 cups of water. The more dye you add to the water, the more potent the color will be. You may need to add more water and dye depending on the size of your trees. You want them to be submerged unless you are going for a half dyed look. {Be sure to read and follow the directions on the dye you buy.}
The longer you leave them in the dye the deeper the color will be. Above I am dipping the tree to take it out right away because I wanted it to be light blue. Below I just threw them in for minutes at a time to get a medium blue and a dark blue.
 Step 3: When the trees reach the desired color carefully place them on your paper towel. Let them hang out there for at least 12 hrs. I just left mine there overnight.

These trees were so fun and easy to make. Elsa even showed up to help me dye freeze these cute little trees.
Next Christmas I plan on making some green and red one's to go along with these blue ones to place on my mantel. Can't wait!!!

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