Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mini Suitcase Printable - Download and Print!

The take home gift for "The Greatest Adventure" Baby Shower was this mini suitcase filled with jelly beans.  It was the perfect little detail and perfect little thank you gift for making the "trip" out.
Feel free to download it and use it for one of your events. Just print on cardstock and cut out. Fold and glue all the tabs together. Glue the handle on last after the box is put together. 
{These are for personal use only and are not for resale}
{Click on the image below to download.}
Be sure to check out "The Greatest Adventure" baby shower and the Painted Globe Tutorial
The invitation for this shower will be up in the shop soon as well as other party prints! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Painted Globe Tutorial

Have you seen those awesome globes that are painted in some fancy and colorful way. 
They are awesome.... and really expensive! I'd been looking for an excuse to make one of my own and my friend Miki's shower was perfect! Not to mention a great gift for her to keep.
We found 2 globes on craigslist for $15 each. My friend Meg and I got to work on painting them together. 
Before we start I just want to say that there are a couple of ways you could go about doing this. This is just the way I went about making it to get the look I wanted to achieve. 
I specifically wanted to preserve the location and exact sizes of the continents and countries originally on the globe. But some of these painted globes are completely painted over and don't have any continents on them. Some are simple, others are more intricate. Some have text on them, flowers, or both. That's the beauty of this project... the globe is your blank canvas. 

Painted Globe Tutorial

What You'll Need...
A globe
Painters Tape
Off white,cream, or light colored spray paint
{A dark color base will not work with this method!}
Black Sharpie
Drop cloth
Small paint brush for detailing
Acrylic paint in color of choice for continents
*Optional: metallic gold or silver paint 
or gold/silver leaf marker
*Other acrylic paint colors

Step 1: Take a before picture! {And if your toddler wants to jump in and take a picture too...then so be it!} Then tape off the entire stand. It can be a bit tricky to get under and around it all. 
Step 2: Take a sharpie and trace all of the continents and islands. Do your best, some are too tiny to worry about. Just be sure the get the ones that would be noticed if they were gone, like Hawaii and Samoa.
Step 3: Protect your area by putting a drop cloth down. {I had a ton of old boxes and so I used cardboard.} Paint it with a light coat of your white spray paint. Making sure to not fully cover the black outline of the continents. Also, be sure to spin it a bit and get it painted evenly. 
Step 4: Trace out the continents again. Then spray another light coat making sure that you can still see the black outline. If you can still see the map below, then trace and paint it one more time. {It can be done in 2 coats, but if you are worried about covering the tracing lines too much then keep the coats light and do a 3rd round. Better safe then sorry!}
Step 5: Once it's covered take your paint and paint brush and trace your continents. Then paint them in. I loved this part... it was exciting, soothing and fun!
Meg and I got all of our girl talk in while we painted. Before we knew it, we were done painting. I highly recommend doing this project with a friend!
Once you get it all painted you are done!...Or are you?
Step 6: Have a little fun with it. This part can be easier said than done... I know! But you can add pretty much anything to jazz it up. Maybe practice and sketch out some ideas on paper first. Then do your final draft on your globe!  

Here are some ideas...
  • Add your favorite quote in a metallic gold or silver. You can use a paint brush and acrylic paint, or get a gold leaf marker. 
  • Write in the names of the continents  with the metallic gold or silver. 
  • Draw out some simple flowers and leaves. Trace them with your metalic color of choice, then fill them in with a colored paint. 
  • Or go with a pattern or design, like some arrows or some polka dots. I saw one with constellations and stars that was awesome.
We left one of the globes with just the continents. It is so simple but looks so clean and vibrant. With the other we painted flowers and vines and wrote out the theme of the baby shower. It looks more rustic and beautiful. I think that you can't really go wrong with either option! 
Now go find yourself a globe and get creative with your artsy self! 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Greatest Adventure Baby Shower

I will be posting this invitation in the Hooray Shop soon. 
Until then be sure to check out everything else we have in the shop! 
Our beautiful friend Miki is quite the traveler. With her husband, she has gone to Thailand, Europe, India, Hawaii, Australia, Canada, Fiji, and the list goes on. They have had so many adventures; but none so great as having two twin girls! Yes...TWINS!!! So exciting! And what great adventures await them with their new family of 4!
 I worked with MEG who is just about the funnest person to be around. She's good with food, I like to do decorations, we both like to get crafty; It makes for a good team! We had a few late nights of prep work where we made banners, tassels, and painted these beautiful globes. {Here is a tutorial!}You guys... the wooden dowels with tassels and the beaded tassel banner turned out so so cute! I'm obsessed! And we handed them over to Miki after the shower to use in her nursery. 
We had lots of friends who pitched in for the shower...
Cindy hosted at her beautiful home. She has done an amazing job at decorating it! She also made the most delicious Pink Lemonade and Cucumber Lemonade. So refreshing! 
Our friend Jan made this amazing cake with a globe that was also so tasty! 
Laree made the flower arrangements and also the gold glitter mason jars.
Lauren organized the cutest "Write an Adventure for each year of life" for the twins to read each year on their birthday and a couple of other games.  
Thanks for sharing all of your love and talents ladies!
Along with a "build your own sandwich" bar we had the cutest little ice cream cones for dessert. You would have died at the cuteness! And the gelato really was to-die-for!
I love all the vintage suitcases we had lying around. Those were Miki's contribution. Such a perfect touch! I also made these cute little paper suitcases filled with Jelly Beans as a treat for the trip home. 

We found this vintage map where we pinned all the places Miki and Jed have traveled. Then we hung two little hearts here in San Diego. This was all Meg's idea and it was the perfect way to personalize and explain the theme of the shower! 

Everyone that came to the shower was so generous and Miki and the twins are pretty much set to go! 
Thanks for letting us celebrate you and your girls Miki! Cannot wait to meet them!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pressed Flower Bookmarks: Mother's Day Gift Tutorial

We made bookmarks out of our pressed flowers for our Mother's Day present this year. But I thought it would be a good way for you to save those bouquets you got from your family!
Go from fresh and lovely flowers... to pressed and still lovely! 
I love pressed flowers because the few I have mean something to me. For example, in my scriptures I have a flower that was from my Grandmas Funeral. Everytime I see it I think of her. But it took a long time for that flower to get pressed and dry out in my book. We're talking months folks! 
But you can do this a quicker way. And I actually like this way better because the flowers don't loose their color!
What You'll Need...
Paper Towels
Parchment Paper
Ironing Board and Iron
Fresh Flowers
Colored Baker's Twine

Step 1: Turn your iron onto medium/high heat. Take a stem and place it in a paper towel. Fold paper towel over flower. Now place the paper towel with the flower inside and place it inside a folded piece of parchment paper. Iron the flower by pressing the iron gently on top and holding down as firmly as you can. You don't want to moved the iron up and down like you would when working with clothing.  {This can cause the petals to fall off.} Simply smash the flower in place. Flip the wrapped flower over and iron from the other side. The paper towel should be soaking up any moisture from the flower. Continue this step until all of your flowers are pressed. {*Side Note: Some flowers with less petals flatten up super easy. Others with more layers and thicker stems take longer and need more ironing.} It takes about a minute to do each flower. But assuming you will be making a bunch from your bouquet the time will add up. 
Step 2: While you work on ironing out more flowers, place the one's you have already worked on in between two paper towels so that any moisture can be absorbed.
*The following is optional... probably not necessary, but it does help. You theoretically could laminate these now. But they still may have a bit of moisture in them.  If time allows, you can take it a step further and place the flowers in a press of some sort. You might have to get creative. A good idea would be to place them underneath a stack of books with a weight on top etc.  I had Sophie stand on an upside down stool with already pressed flowers underneath while she ironed new ones. Once they are all ironed flat you can leave them under your concocted press for a bit. {really it depends on how much time you have. If you aren't in a rush you can also hang them upside down to dry them out more. The flatter and the drier the flowers the better! {Although, you don't want to dry them out too much because they will lose their color! But half a day should be fine.}
Step 3: Arrange the flowers how you want them and then run them through a laminator. I don't have a laminator so I headed over to Kinko's. I did a few with the regular lamination sheets. The stems worked fine as long as they were not too thick. The laminations without the stems and only the flowers turned out practically seamless and looked the best. 
But Kinko's had these pre-cut Luggage Tag Lamination sheets. They were perfect! So I made several of those too. They ended up being my favorite! I love the rounded corners and the little slot for tying the twine. 
Step 4: Punch a hole at the top of your bookmark. Tie on a doubled piece of twine {About 16 inches long} by placing it through the hole and pulling it through itself. Pull it tight. String on a few beads. {This was actually Sophie's idea and I think it was the perfect touch!} Use the end of the twine on your bookmark to wrap the center part of your tassel. Fold over the tassel and wrap with another piece of twine to create a neck. Tie a knot to keep it secure. Lastly, cut the end of the tassel to make it even. You can follow my Tassel Tutorial for a better explanation!
{I know the lamination is hard to see. Sorry about that!}
And you are all set to go! Now go find a much deserving mother or friend to share one with! 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Feature Friday: Talia Turner

Before I was a mommy and a blogger, I was a teacher. I taught 8th and 9th Grade Spanish in Spanish Fork Utah. I loved my job and had the most amazing students. I remember being so grateful that I could spend everyday with those kids. I don't know that I was the best teacher, but I tried my best and tried to make sure we had fun while we learned! 
All of my students have now graduated highschool and are in college, serving LDS Missions, working real jobs and married. Some even have their own babies. Crazy! 

 One student in particular, Talia Turner, has really blossomed into a beautiful young lady. Back then she was sweet, free spirited, friendly and talented. Today she is even more so. I'm so excited to feature her today and show you what she is all about! 

Talia Turner

"Escaping reality is both sane and insane.  As humans, we all strive for escape in different ways to create our own fantasy world, which we can rejoin again and again whenever reality is no longer "manageable."  
My name is Talia Turner; art has been one of my reality getaway passions ever since I can remember.  Each of my artworks represents different fascinations I have depending on the type of material/tools used.  Most of my pieces reflect the use of visualization and unreality; using very vibrant colors and rough brush strokes.  Many people have concluded my art to be unique and that’s what I truly strive for; uniqueness and fantasy.
For my buyers/viewers I customize their own illusion and create it in my own creation to fit their own personal reality escape.  An artwork is unfading so maybe I don’t create a fantasy world to escape reality.  Maybe I create it to be able to stay."
Thanks for sharing your creative side and your amazing pieces with us Talia! You are so talented!

Mother's Day Card & Gift Ideas

Still looking for something for Mother's Day? Well you are in luck! Here is a free card for you to print out and a few of my favorite gift ideas. 
Just print it out on cardstock, cut out, and fold. It does look a bit more blue when you print it. 
{click on the picture below to download.}
Some quick gift ideas you can order right away...
1. I think these pajamas are on the top of my list because all I want for mother's day is to sleep in. 
2. The dress and earrings will make her feel like the beautiful mama she is! 
3. Shoes are the way to any woman's heart! Especially these! 
4. How cute is this apron!
5. This recipe binder will help her organize and keep all of her recipes in one place. 
6. The clutch pictured is a photo album. Fill it with pics of the babes and you've got one thoughtful gift! 

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