Thursday, May 7, 2015

Feature Friday: Talia Turner

Before I was a mommy and a blogger, I was a teacher. I taught 8th and 9th Grade Spanish in Spanish Fork Utah. I loved my job and had the most amazing students. I remember being so grateful that I could spend everyday with those kids. I don't know that I was the best teacher, but I tried my best and tried to make sure we had fun while we learned! 
All of my students have now graduated highschool and are in college, serving LDS Missions, working real jobs and married. Some even have their own babies. Crazy! 

 One student in particular, Talia Turner, has really blossomed into a beautiful young lady. Back then she was sweet, free spirited, friendly and talented. Today she is even more so. I'm so excited to feature her today and show you what she is all about! 

Talia Turner

"Escaping reality is both sane and insane.  As humans, we all strive for escape in different ways to create our own fantasy world, which we can rejoin again and again whenever reality is no longer "manageable."  
My name is Talia Turner; art has been one of my reality getaway passions ever since I can remember.  Each of my artworks represents different fascinations I have depending on the type of material/tools used.  Most of my pieces reflect the use of visualization and unreality; using very vibrant colors and rough brush strokes.  Many people have concluded my art to be unique and that’s what I truly strive for; uniqueness and fantasy.
For my buyers/viewers I customize their own illusion and create it in my own creation to fit their own personal reality escape.  An artwork is unfading so maybe I don’t create a fantasy world to escape reality.  Maybe I create it to be able to stay."
Thanks for sharing your creative side and your amazing pieces with us Talia! You are so talented!

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