Monday, May 25, 2015

Painted Globe Tutorial

Have you seen those awesome globes that are painted in some fancy and colorful way. 
They are awesome.... and really expensive! I'd been looking for an excuse to make one of my own and my friend Miki's shower was perfect! Not to mention a great gift for her to keep.
We found 2 globes on craigslist for $15 each. My friend Meg and I got to work on painting them together. 
Before we start I just want to say that there are a couple of ways you could go about doing this. This is just the way I went about making it to get the look I wanted to achieve. 
I specifically wanted to preserve the location and exact sizes of the continents and countries originally on the globe. But some of these painted globes are completely painted over and don't have any continents on them. Some are simple, others are more intricate. Some have text on them, flowers, or both. That's the beauty of this project... the globe is your blank canvas. 

Painted Globe Tutorial

What You'll Need...
A globe
Painters Tape
Off white,cream, or light colored spray paint
{A dark color base will not work with this method!}
Black Sharpie
Drop cloth
Small paint brush for detailing
Acrylic paint in color of choice for continents
*Optional: metallic gold or silver paint 
or gold/silver leaf marker
*Other acrylic paint colors

Step 1: Take a before picture! {And if your toddler wants to jump in and take a picture too...then so be it!} Then tape off the entire stand. It can be a bit tricky to get under and around it all. 
Step 2: Take a sharpie and trace all of the continents and islands. Do your best, some are too tiny to worry about. Just be sure the get the ones that would be noticed if they were gone, like Hawaii and Samoa.
Step 3: Protect your area by putting a drop cloth down. {I had a ton of old boxes and so I used cardboard.} Paint it with a light coat of your white spray paint. Making sure to not fully cover the black outline of the continents. Also, be sure to spin it a bit and get it painted evenly. 
Step 4: Trace out the continents again. Then spray another light coat making sure that you can still see the black outline. If you can still see the map below, then trace and paint it one more time. {It can be done in 2 coats, but if you are worried about covering the tracing lines too much then keep the coats light and do a 3rd round. Better safe then sorry!}
Step 5: Once it's covered take your paint and paint brush and trace your continents. Then paint them in. I loved this part... it was exciting, soothing and fun!
Meg and I got all of our girl talk in while we painted. Before we knew it, we were done painting. I highly recommend doing this project with a friend!
Once you get it all painted you are done!...Or are you?
Step 6: Have a little fun with it. This part can be easier said than done... I know! But you can add pretty much anything to jazz it up. Maybe practice and sketch out some ideas on paper first. Then do your final draft on your globe!  

Here are some ideas...
  • Add your favorite quote in a metallic gold or silver. You can use a paint brush and acrylic paint, or get a gold leaf marker. 
  • Write in the names of the continents  with the metallic gold or silver. 
  • Draw out some simple flowers and leaves. Trace them with your metalic color of choice, then fill them in with a colored paint. 
  • Or go with a pattern or design, like some arrows or some polka dots. I saw one with constellations and stars that was awesome.
We left one of the globes with just the continents. It is so simple but looks so clean and vibrant. With the other we painted flowers and vines and wrote out the theme of the baby shower. It looks more rustic and beautiful. I think that you can't really go wrong with either option! 
Now go find yourself a globe and get creative with your artsy self! 

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