Friday, June 5, 2015

Balloon Banner Count-Down: How-To

We decided to make a count-down for Sophie's Birthday this year because she was excited to turn a whole hand old. She kept asking me if her birthday was tomorrow. So this helped her to keep track and helped us get excited for the big day. 

What you'll need
small balloons
twine, ribbon, or thick string
number stickers {gold or silver look awesome!}
small clothes pins
a birthday boy or girl {wink wink!}
 Figure out how many days you have until the big day. Then blow up a balloon for each day. Clip balloons with clothes pins onto your banner string by the tied mouth.  
 Take your number stickers and stick one onto each one starting from the right side up, counting up towards the left. 
In our case, we only had a week left until Sophie's birthday. 
Now every day, take the balloon with the highest number and flip it around so that you can no longer see it. 
 So here below there are 4 days left on the count down. 
Then on the big day, you still have this really awesome banner to decorate with! 
Happy 5th Birthday Sophie!!!

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