Sunday, July 26, 2015

Travel & Emergency Contact Tattoos: Free Download & How-To

Call me worried, call me overprotective. Guilty as charged. But what mom isn't right? I have this fear of my littles getting lost and being either too small or too frazzled to communicate they need help. With some fun travel plans coming up for summer, I came up with this idea to make tattoos with the kids names and emergency contact information. After doing a little research, I found that this has been done before. {Check out here and here.} But I still had fun making my own from home. Plus, I like the flexibility of being able to add anything you want. I actually made half of mine in Spanish to use for our trip to Guatemala. Another great idea; if your kid is allergic to something or relies on a specific medication. Such information could be crucial until parents can be located. 
We really do our best to keep track of our kids when we are out having fun. But it's also important to be prepared for these unexpected/scary situations! I always tell the kids to look for another mommy if they ever get lost. {Any mommy would understand and be able to help right?!} Then tell them your name and that you need help calling your parents. Sophie has both of our cell phone numbers memorized. But she also tends to get shy and I can see her not being able to spit out the information. Brandon, is just too small to know what to do. 
It's very comforting to know that they have their emergency contact information right on their little arms.  
Travel & Emergency Contact Tatoo How-To...
First, pick up some tattoo printing paper. I simply purchased this Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper from Amazon. It can be used with a normal printer and skipping the silhouette steps. The tattoos are applied to child's skin just like any temporary tattoo and lasts anywhere from 1-3 days, depending on water activities.

As far as the tattoos, you have a few options. 
1. Design your own on anything from Word to Photoshop. 
But the Tattoo has to be mirrored {flipped as if reflected on a mirror} for it to work! 
2. Download my template and type in your information. 
Edit tempalte with photoshop to add in your own information. 
Or open it with Word, insert the file as a picture or graphic, 
then type the info on top of it. 
3. Download my unmirrored template, 
{the one that looks normal and is NOT flipped!}
Place the tattoo on your child, then write in the information on top of the tattoo 
with a precision point sharpie. 

{Click on the image below to download!}

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