Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Animal Spelling Puzzle Busy Bag - Free Download

At the beginning of the summer a friend of mine organized a busy bag exchange. It was a fabulous idea that gave our small group of moms a bagful of educational games for the littles. I had hoped to get this posted back in June but didn't get the chance. I used these all summer but these are great to have around all the time! I especially love them for waiting at the doctor's office and for keeping the kiddos quiet at church. I often find my kids taking the busy bags out to play with all on their own at home. This of course made me so happy! 
My contribution to the exchange was the Animal Spelling Puzzles, which I designed myself. My 5 year old is learning how to read and so I thought a something along those lines would be fun. My 2 year old loves all things animals so he can appreciate the game as well. 
I found some of the links to the busy bags or similar ones. 
Download Game by clicking on Image below. Print on good quality cardstock. I didn't have the chance to, but I recommend laminating it! However, I did glue a magnet sheet to the back of my game board and to the puzzle pieces. {This way the puzzle pieces stay in place.}


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