Wednesday, August 5, 2015

We're Moving... Goodbye San Diego!

We're moving to Utah! It's been in the works for quite some time and we're finally getting sent off. PJ got an amazing opportunity with work that we just couldn't pass up. We feel extremely blessed! 
We have loved San Diego so much. We've come across so many incredible people, made some awesome friends, and had a blast exploring this great city! We especially love the beach. Besides family and friends, I think that's what we'll miss the most.
We're also excited for what Utah has in store for us. We're looking forward to the seasons. {Except for the cold, definitely not excited about the cold! Except for the fact that I can wear cute boots.} We're looking forward to all of the fun festivals and rodeos, being by family we don't get to see as much, meeting up with old friends, and hopefully eventually buying a house. 
Sophie is also starting Kindergarten this year and it's a big deal in our family! 
 We will be living in Daybreak in South Jordan.
Here's to a new chapter in the Sanford Family book! Adios San Diego! 
{Skirt: Anthropologie, Top: H&M}

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