Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Surprise Baby Shower

My friend up in Utah was having a baby boy after having two girls. So exciting right?!! I wanted to throw her a super simple shower {Since I would be traveling from CA to do this} to celebrate the little guy and get her loaded up on some boy clothes. She wasn't planning on having a shower so we kept it a surprise. My idea was to bring the party to her; To ambush her with treats, decorations, gifts, and love.

I contacted Alesha's friends and family to get them invited. I also had them sign up for treats and decorations to bring along. It was nice to have them all pitch in since I was traveling and didn't have  a place to cook etc. They were so helpful! I can see why Alesha has chosen them as friends! 
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Then I let her husband in on the secret and had him make sure the house was cleaned up and that the kids were taken care of. I also invited her to go out for ice cream with me so that she would be dressed and ready. 
On the day of the shower, we all met up at the park behind her house with decorations and treats and gifts. We all walked up to her front door and yelled "surprise" when she opened it. And she was extremely surprised! Gosh... I should have gotten a reaction picture...I'm kicking myself right now! If only my hands hadn't been full of decorations at the time.

We went in and quickly set up all of the banners, balloons and treats. We played a couple of baby shower games and just enjoyed a little girl talk. Alesha got some awesome presents for Baby boy. All in all, it was a successful shower and fun night!

Baby boy was born a couple of weeks ago and he is the cutest little guy! So happy for you Alesha!
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