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Butterfly Wings - Tutorial

 My little sweetie has been saying since last year that she wants to be a butterfly for Halloween. She sure stuck to that idea and so we got to work on making her costume/dress-up dreams come true. 
We wanted to make something that she could wear for trick-or-treating, but then keep in her dress-up closet for more fun afterwards. 
We went on a fun little date to the fabric store and picked out her favorite colors. This was such a fun little project where we got to spend some time together planning out the outfit and details of the
wings. Sophie sure felt special getting the attention from mommy. 
As part of the costume, we got a pink shirt and pink pants to make the caterpillar part of the butterfly. We also made a little flower crown since butterflies love flowers. But making an antenna headband would be cute too. 
Butterfly Wings Tutorial
What You'll Need...
About 1.5 yards cotton fabric for wings base. {May need more or less}
1/4 yards of 3-4 colors of fabric to use to decorate wings
Sewing Machine
Step 1: First, you will need to measure out how long your child's wing span is... pointer finger to pointer finger. Cut that number in 1/2. Make sure you have enough fabric to make wings that long. Take your main fabric that will serve as the base of the wings and cut it in half. Double up the fabric and fold it in half. Sketch out one side of a wing that ends at the folded edge. {Refer to picture!} Once you get a shape you like, cut it out. You should now have 2 sets of wings in the same shape. One set will serve at the front of the wings that you will decorate. The other will serve as the back. Line up your wing panels and set on a flat surface. 
Step 2: Take your colored 1/4 yards of fabric and apply your iron on adhesive to the back side of each. Be sure to follow the directions given with the adhesive! Now comes the hard/creative part. Sketch several shapes to decorate your wings in each of the colors you are using. Trace and cut out a mirrored version of each shape. This part can take some trial, error and tweaking. You may draw out a shape and later need to trim it down to make it fit on the wings just right etc. 
Step 3: As you are cutting out your shapes place them on the front panel set of wings and play around with the design you want to set up. Like I said, this is where you get to bring in your own unique design and let your creativity shine. Once you have all of your fabric shapes set exactly where you want them, iron them on!
Step 4: Now sew around each fabric shape with a zig-zag stitch and in a matching color thread. 
Step 5: Measure out on your child where you want the  straps to go. You need 2 straps to go around the arms. Measure out on your child the length of the elastic strap. Take your elastic straps and pin them down where you want them. Sew them on. 
You also need 2 straps for each arm {total of 4}. Again, measure out the elastic on your child's arms. One strap should go around the triceps, and the other around the forearm just before the wrist. I took it a step further, because I ended up making my wings a tad too big, and I added a loop for the pointer finger. This little detail ended up being awesome! I would recommend it, although it's not necessary.  
Step 6: Once all your straps are in place, and you have no other sewing details to take care of, place your front panel and your back panel with the right sides in. Line the wings up just right and pin them down. Make sure the straps are tucked in well so they don't get sewn over.  Sew the wings together, but leave a 3-4 inch opening on one side. Flip the wings right sides out through the opening you left. Now iron your wings out to make it look nicely pressed. Finish off the wings by sewing around the edge, making sure to sew that little opening closed. 
{Click on the image to download and print!}
I think this cute little butterfly is all ready to go and get some candy! 

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