Wednesday, October 14, 2015

S'mores Monsters: How-To!

It's my most favorite time of year! October through December are just so fun filled and always get my creative juices flowing and my wheels turning with festive ideas. From the spooky, to the thanking, and on to the giving. The end of the year is just on a roll! Not to mention the beautiful fall atmosphere and colors. 
My kids and I spent the afternoon playing with chocolate and marshmallows and came up with some scary and some silly monsters for us to devour after dinner. Okay we might have snuck a few bites while we were creating too, {as evidenced by Brandon's licorice face}, but isn't that part of the fun?!!
 What You'll Need...
Graham Crackers, & any other flat cookie you would like to use. 
{We used some waffle cookies and oreos.}
 Hershey's Chocolate Bars, and any other flat chocolate you would like to try out. 
{We used some Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate.}
Regular & Mini Marshmallows
Regular & Mini Chocolate Chips
Kitchen Shears
Any other food/candy you would like to use to add detail. 
{We used slivered almonds and licorice.}
Step 1: Preheat the broiler. Set out all of your materials, candy and crackers etc. for easy access. 
Step 2: Help your kids pick out a cracker or cookie and get a place a piece of chocolate slightly smaller in size to the cracker being used. 
Step 3: The fun part! Get creative by adding eyes, a mouth, fangs, a tongue. To make the eyes you cut a big marshmallow in half and then stick it on the chocolate sticky side down. Then with a toothpick, pick a hole in the marshmallow, wiggle it around to enlarge it. Stick a chocolate chip inside the hole pointy side down. You can also use the mini marshmallows and mini chocolate chips to make smaller eyes. 
Step 4: Make Some teeth! Cut up the mini marshmallows in half and place sticky side down. Try cutting them slanted and into triangles to get pointy teeth, or just in half to get buck teeth. You can also grab some of your extra foods, like slivered almonds or licorice, to make fangs, a tongue, eyebrows, ears, a nose, or hair.
Step 5: Place your monsters on a baking sheet as you create them. When they are all set to go, place them in the oven until they turn golden, about 30 seconds. Keep an eye on them! It does not take long. I got a tad distracted and left mine in for 10 too long and they browned more than I would have liked for pictures. However, I like my s'mores nice and toasty; so my tastebuds and tummy were not upset about that! Let them cool for a few minutes before eating bc they will be a quite melty and hot. 
Be sure to take a few pictures of your monsters as proof they existed before your little monsters gobble them all up! 

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