Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What's Your Favorite Color?

What's your favorite color? This is a question I not only ask others when I am getting to know someone, but I ask myself all the time. I feel like my favorite color changes so often, with every season, my mood, my taste. I am constantly growing and changing, and I think my favorite color does too. I can pretty much think of different colors for different stages of my life. 
I also love to ask my kids what color they like best and always take notice of what colors they gravitate toward. I think you can tell a lot about someone by the colors they like. 
There is this awesomely colorful wall in San Diego that I think is so fun! Especially because of the artistic concept behind it. The artist, Roy McMakin, basically asked people at random to choose their favorite color. He then placed a tile of that color up on the wall in the order received.
{Dress: From Asos and is Maternity. Its super comfy and I love it! Hat: Nordstrom. Shoes: Nordstrom}
879 people and their favorite colors are represented on this wall. It really is such a simple concept, but brilliant as well! It reminds me of a quote from the show Mad Men where Don Draper says 
"Make it simple, but significant." 
We all had fun pointing out our favorite colors and trying to reach them. Brandon loves blue and green, Sophie loves all of the pinks, and I love the light purple tiles.
If you are ever in La Jolla, CA. be sure to check out this piece of art known as "Favorite Colors". For a list of other fun things to do is San Diego check out this blog post. 
I found this personality color chart that Paper Source comes out with every year. I would say that the color that describes me best is Coral. I do love that color too. Although, I tend to gravitate a lot towards Navy blue lately. My house has a lot of Peacock hues. And I can never resist a light purple or bright pink. Looking at the color chart I can't pick just one... I love them all too much! Maybe I have a multiple personality disorder.

What's your favorite color? Does the description on this chart match? Leave a comment, I would love to know! 

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