Friday, December 4, 2015

Dear Santa: Free Printables!

Our neighborhood here in South Jordan, Utah, put up a mailbox that sends letters to Santa. The best part is, Santa writes them back! Awesome right?!!!
So we just had to get our letters sent in. I printed out a Christmas stationery I made a couple of years ago for us to use. I updated it and am offering it to you as well! It's also editable so that you can change the year or type up your letter etc. And there is also a Wish List Print out for those older kids who know the big Santa Secret. 
The kids don't know how to write yet, so they just drew pictures of what they want for Christmas. Sophie wants an American Girl Doll and Brandon wants a remote control race car. 
We got all bundled up and headed to the mailbox. I just loved all the giggles and squeals they let out as they put their letter in the box. 
Just click on the images above to download and print. Use regular size printing paper. 

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