Saturday, December 19, 2015

Felt Ball Ornaments: {& Our Ornament Tradition}

Every year we get the kids a new ornament that reflects the past year or stage of life they are in. I love this tradition so much! It helps us reflect on the past year and on our little ones little lives. My husband and his family also did this growing up. We have a whole bag of ornaments of his that we have inherited. It's fun to go through them and see what little PJ was into as a kid. These simple little keepsakes can hold such wonderful memories! 

This year Sophie got an Elsa and an Anna ornament. The Frozen craze still exists at our house. Brandon got a train ornament and a baseball ornament because he loves playing ball so much.

The kids also have their own little tree that we set up in their room and decorate. It's so fun to go through all of their ornaments and help them decorate their own little tree that really reflects their personality and who they are. 
Some ornaments are so fragile and it's sad when one of them breaks. A long time ago I had this idea to make some ornaments out of felt balls that the kiddos could just play with and decorate their tree over and over if they want to without the worry of breaking them or having glass pieces on the floor. 
I finally got around to it this year. 
We bought some felt balls through Etsy and tied a string through each one so that they could be hung. It's such a simple concept; but also cute and practical for little hands. 
These will be especially useful next Christmas when we have an almost 1 year old crawling around. In fact, we will probably only use these next year bc of that.
 I just love these cute kiddos and sharing fun holiday traditions with them! What are some of your traditions? 
Want to make some felt ball ornaments of your own? It's simple! Get some thick string and a bigger needle that will fit said string. Then sew through the top portion of the ball. Tie a knot to make a loop. Tada... your very own unbreakable, safe, super cute and colorful felt ornaments!

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