Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Baby Davis

Our sweet little Davis was born at the end of January and he has just brought so much love and joy to our family and home. We are all smitten with him! 
The delivery was quick and overall an amazing experience. We had our other two kiddos in the waiting room with their grandma and so they were able to come in and meet their new brother almost right away.
He was a big baby, {at least for me} weighing in at 8.4 lbs. and 20 inches in height. His hands and feet were extremely wrinkly which is a sign of him being overdue. So he was more than fully baked! 

Davis has red hair just like his big sister Sophie. I thought Sophie's red hair was a bit of a fluke. I guess not! He actually reminds me a lot of her as a baby; in looks and in temperament.  
Davis is a good little eater. Nursing has been going smoothly. Yay!

He is the most awake of my babies so far. He loves to look up and look around. 

Davis loves to be held. He sleeps like a rock when he's in my arms. I think it's because he's super warm. If he isn't being held for nap time, which is usually the case, he has to be swaddled tightly and then wrapped with another blankie for extra warmth or he won't sleep. 

Speaking of warmth, Davis hates to be cold. I think all babies don't like being cold, but he is on another level! He gets super upset, like doesn't breath because he's crying so hard upset! 

And just like all babies, Davis smells delicious! 
We have had the best time taking care of Davis and it really has been a family effort. Daddy helps a lot with the older kids while I'm nursing and is a pro diaper changer. My older two are the best little helpers! Sophie loves to hold Davis and burp him. Brandon loves to sing Davis songs when he is crying. He is also good at informing me when a diaper change is needed by saying, "the baby is poopie mommy." {I think Brandon has inherited the Sanford heightened sense of smell.} He then runs and gets me a diaper and wipes. 

Welcome to the world baby Davis! 
And more importantly... Welcome to our family! 
We promise to love you, squish you and keep you extra warm! 

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