Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hooray Littles - Spring Break with friends

Over spring break we traveled down to California to meet up with some friends who all had babies.  Because we recently moved to Utah my friends hadn't met little Davis and I hadn't met their new babies as well.They all brought their Hooray Littles swaddles along and we had a fun little play date. 

From Left to Right: Deb & baby Preston, Amelia & baby Scout, Aubrey & baby Sadie, Ashley & Baby Eleanor, Sandra {me... wink!} and baby Davis.

We watch the older siblings play at the park while us mamas chatted and compared baby stories. 
 It was so exciting to meet everyone's newest additions and see that they are benefiting from the Hooray Littles swaddle. They use it in their car seat, stroller, bouncer,  and even just in mommie's arms. 
It was also fun to see which color swaddle each mom picked for their baby and how they fit different personalities and styles. 
It was fun afternoon filled with laughter and happiness! Happy babies = happy mamas! And that is what Hooray Littles is all about! 

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