Monday, December 12, 2016

Why I swear by Freshly Picked for my babes!

We are so excited to be working with Freshly Picked, an inspiring company that was started by an awesome mama! Freshly Picked has been on our bucket list to work with since the day we discovered their cute moccasins. Yay! 
Besides being an amazing company, we also love their product. And by love I mean obsessed! 
These amazing shoes were not around for my 1st baby {I'm going on 3 now.} Though if they had been I would have been in trouble because my first child is a girl and I would have splurged on several colors. I think that I would not have been able to resist the pink moccs, or the gold, or the lavender... and so on. 
My second child, Brandon, had the chubbiest feet. We simply could not find shoes for him. That's when I discovered Freshly Picked Moccasins and they were life saving for us. They were the only thing that fit his feet. He was 12 month's when he got his first pair.  
We recently moved to Utah where it snows. Our 3rd baby, Davis was born in January 2016, just in time for the wintery cold. We have gotten FP Moccs for Baby Davis from day one simply to keep his feet warm. As he has gotten older and started crawling these shoes have protected his little feet from the dragging motion on the harsh ground. Now that he is extremely close to walking, I know that these soft soles will be the perfect protection, but will still let his feet develop and learn to balance.
Why we love Freshly Picked Moccasins... in fact I swear by them!
Versatile: My favorite reason for loving these shoes is because they are so versatile. I can buy just 1 pair of moccasins and they go with everything! They go with a casual look such as a baby onesie and shorts, or they can be dressed up with a bow tie, dress pants and suspenders, or a dress if you have a girl. They look hip while also looking nice!
Easy Peasy: These shoes are so easy to put on and take off. The elastic just expands and adjusts to baby's ankle. The best part is that they stay on and do not fall off. My baby also plays with his feet and tries to pull them off and he can't easily do it. These shoes stay on so well that you can still order them a tad big so that your baby has room to grow. 
Comfortable: These shoes are so soft and really just mold to the baby's feet. Even though they are not made to go on a specific foot like most shoes, as baby wears the shoes they get broken in a bit and ends up having the shape of each foot. 
Soft and light: When babies are learning to walk and have shoes on, they can be too heavy or clunky. Babies can trip over their own shoes. But these moccasins are so soft and lightweight and don't get in baby's way. 
Create a memory: Like I said before, these shoes mold to the baby's feet. When babies walk, the shape of the baby's foot gets molded and etched into the bottom. It's like a little footprint you get to keep forever! 
Quality and Durability: These shoes are made of such good quality leather and they don't fall apart. They are worth every penny! 
Moon Toy Crib is from Land of Nod. I use it a book shelf in Davis's Nursery. The Alphabet blocks are from Anthropologie. Davis's outfit is from H&M, pants.
This Tan Pair of moccs that Baby Davis is wearing I plan to keep up on a shelf in his nursery for display because they are so darn cute! They will be his first pair he'll walk in so I know I'll get that cute little footprint as a keepsake.
Freshly Picked in letting us giveaway a pair over on Instagram. Head on over to our instagram account @hooraylittles to enter! 

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