Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

We've rounded up some of our very favorites things that we know the mamas in your life would love to get this mother's Day! These are all practical, cute and a sure bet gift! 
(These are direct links to Nordstrom, Target, ASOS and Anthropologie in which we get a small commission should you make a purchase.) 
 Some added notes on some of these products...
Wooden Flowers: This is the gift we got this year for both of the kids Grandmas. We painted these wooden flowers on the front. Then on the back wrote down reasons why we love them. It's a thoughtful gift the kids love participating in making.
Alex & Ani Bracelet: These are so darling and it's fun to collect the different charms. You can mix and match the different colors and just stack them up on your wrist. I love these because they go with everything! They can be casual or dressy.
Pink Jammies: As mom's we all need extra sleep and these jammies are so so comfy! I put mine on as soon as I get home!
Floral Vases: I just bought these vases to put up on the shelf in my guest bathroom. I am obsessed with them. They are just so pretty!
Pink Headphones: I love to listen to books on tape through Audible while I do chores. right now I just use my bose speaker. But I have to grab it and take it from room to room with me. And when I'm trying to organize, I am usually all over the house trying to put stuff away. These wireless headphones would be so awesome so I can listen to my book wherever I go!
Pink Nike's: I mean... I have major heart eyes for these babies! They are the perfect shade of pink and so comfy for running errands or trying to keep up with the kids.
Kate Spade Watch: This small faced watch is delicate and beautiful. I have this as well and I love it!
Living Proof Hair Products: I love this line of hair product. I use the thickening cream because I have really thin hair. It helps me to have some extra volume. I also use the Dry Shampoo. I have tried so many cheap and expensive brands and this is the only one that works for me!
How to Raise a Mom: I just bought this book for my kids and it's really cute. It talks about the different ways kids can help to take care of their mommies. The very first page says, "In the morning, let her sleep in a bit longer." I was immediately sold after reading that. I'm all for this sort of brainwashing! Ha Ha!
Paper Flower Kit: How fun would it be to make this bouquet of paper Flowers for your favorite mama this year instead of the traditional real flowers. She could keep these forever!
Instant Pot: I don't have one of these but I hear these are amazing. You can cook frozen chicken in like hour. That sound right up my alley!
Changeable Art Frame: My kids bring home so many cute paintings and drawings. I love these frames for displaying their artwork. Instead of having a cluttered fridge or a messy pile on the desk, you can have an intentional and organized looking art wall with your favorite pieces made by your littles.

Be sure to forward this to those daddy's who are needing some hints on what to get you this Mother's Day! 

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