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This Father's Day is Different & A Gift Guide

This Father's Day is unlike any other for me. My sweet daddy passed away in february and it's my first year without him. I'm tearing up as I write this. I hope that I can simply take the time to reflect and think about all of the wonderful memories we made together, all of the things he taught me and send my love up toward heaven. I feel so blessed to have had him and even more blessed to have other amazing father's in my life, like my husband, my father in law, my brother and all of my brothers in law. 

I thought I would share a simple story I shared on Instagram when my dad died. I love this story because it was love at first sight!

True Story: "My mom unexpectedly went into labor at home (in Guatemala) in the middle of the night. My dad helped deliver me. He was the person who welcomed me into the world and literally the first person I saw. He said that when he pulled me out I was so peaceful and was just looking up at him. He was worried that I wasn't crying so he set me down on the bed. I immediately started crying so he picked me back up. I stopped crying as soon as he held me again and I seemed so content. My dad said it was as though I recognized him and I just wanted him to hold me. So he sat there on the bed with my mom snuggling me until the paramedics arrived to take us to the hospital. He has been my hero ever since!"😊
{Mami, Papi and baby Sandra}

My Dad loved music and played the piano exceptionally. He loved to laugh and joke, vegetables and sherbet ice cream, and writing family stories, original stories and poems. He spoke Spanish as well as a native speaker though he is from L.A.  He was a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and he was MY DAD! 

Alright... Now on to the gift ideas. 
We always make cards and homemade things because it's fun and thoughtful. This summer the kids are taking a painting class. So they are going to pick one of their paintings to give to daddy. They are so excited! 
We'll also get him a few things he needs or wants. 

The first 5 gift ideas are things that we already have and love! 

Floating Frame: Artifact Uprising is an online framing company. You simply upload your pictures and they send them to you framed and ready to go. I bought a couple of this exact frame with family pictures for PJ's office and they look so awesome! They are not your basic hammer a nail frames though. It takes a little more work to hang up but there is a how-to video on the website and it's pretty simple. The frames look amazing so it's worth the extra effort!
Desk Calender: We got this desk calender for PJ's office for Christmas. It's a practical and thoughtful gift with pictures of the kids. 
Lululemon ABC Pants: ABC stands for Anti-Ball Crusher... no joke. These pants are supposed to be the most comfortable pants for men. My husband has a couple of pairs and he raves about them. They can be dressed down for a casual look but are also nice enough to dress up with a shirt and tie. They are pricey, but Father's day is a good time to splurge right?!!!
Jack Black Products: My husband and his guy friends all love this product line. I know PJ specifically loves the body wash, chapstick and body lotion. 
Spicebomb Cologne: I love this scent! It smells amazing! And PJ loves it too... so it's a win win! 
Father Son Socks: This is actually Brandon's gift to his daddy this year. He is so excited to have matching socks with daddy! 

This next gift idea we don't have yet, but we've had our eye on it for our home office. PJ loves the Dodgers and so the Dodger Stadium blue print would be such an awesome gift for him. If the father you are trying to gift loves baseball this is a fun idea! It comes in about 20 of the most popular teams. 
Here are some other ideas that I know the father's in my life would love! My guys are hard workers,  love golf, baseball and all sports really, working out, looking good, spending time with their kiddos and relaxing when time allows. 

I found this on It's a transcript of a video about a father's perspective. It's a great description of fatherhood! 

"I'm awake. 
I remember Him. 
I gaze upon them before I part. They lie in their bed, unaware of me watching. I leave. they sleep.
The small home I help provide is their world. They play. They explore -- learning to move, to feel, to see, to know--not once thinking of how it all came to be. 
Crayons, toys, books--it's all for them.
The fridge opens, the pantry exposed. They expect food to be there. Not a thought. Not a doubt. Just hunger. 
Cereal, milk, yogurt, messy fingers, messy faces--all fed. Tummies are full. Now it's nap time. My wife likes nap time. 
Once again they lie in the comfort we provide--all while I work. I'm far but close, always thinking of them. 
I do it all for them."

Happy Father's Day to all of you father's out there! 

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